People have their own ways to do things.
To love things. To hate things. To.....things.

In my way,
I don't show what love means to me.
If I do love you, I'll tell you in my hardest way.
You might get it wrong, but just try.
I'll do my best too.

In my way,
I express anger for a moment.
I experienced many temporary feeling and used to control it.
It's raging, but that's fine.
A sign that I'm still alive.
If you PERFECTLY piss me off, I'll punch you. In your face.
Mad at me? Remember you're not priceless for me.

In my way,
I control everything in my mind.
I manage things for me, I pick the best for the rightful time and place.
Just expected from an A.

I might not sit behind the desk and tell people what to do, but I'll suggest.
I know I'm not a leader, but you can count on me.

Thanks anyway.


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